What services does Branch Electric Offer?

Branch Electric offers the following services:

  • Interior and exterior lighting, including installation of canned or low voltage LED lights
  • Service upgrades, including changing homes from gas to electric or increasing electrical capacity
  • Custom and detail oriented home remodels (kitchens, bathrooms, etc.)
  • Overhead to underground services (burying power lines)
  • Neighborhood street lighting
  • Electrical excavation services
  • Small retail build-outs
  • Replacing breaker boxes
  • Addressing electrical issues raised during a home inspection
  • Installing a whole house stand-by generator
  • Replacing circuits
  • Moving electrical machinery
  • Adding Ethernet or coaxial cable

Branch Electric goes to great lengths, however, to not require a need for drywall work. We believe our role is to perform a type of electrical surgery on your home, solving your issue without leaving a mess.

Do you need an Electrician?

We’ve been regularly exceeding exceptions and meeting  our customer’s budgets since 2000. Let us help you on your next electrical project.

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